Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is "Ambient Temperature"?

The ambient temperature is a phrase used to describe the outside temperature. You need to consider this greatly when looking to purchase a fridge for outside. 

2. What Ambient rated fridge suits me?

If your alfresco area is open and can get just a hot as the temperature outside not under the alfresco roof, then you need a Tropical 43' rated fridge. A fridge with a low ambient rating will not work effecifily above its rated operating temperature. If your looking to place a fridge inside, in a games room for example, a standard 36' Ambient rated fridge will suit your requirments.

3. Are all glass door fridges the same?

No. The compressor brand, ambient temperature rating, glass thickness, condensor fan size and noise levels are all factors that make the difference when buying an alfresco fridge.

4. What warranty does Alresco Fridges Perth offer?

We offer a 12 months parts AND labour warranty for domestic use. Some companies selling into WA from other states only offer a parts warranty and no labour cover.

5. I am not familiar with the Beerkool Brand. How long has it been in Australia?

We have been in Australia for nearly 10 years and we are the No 1 seller in the biggest state - Western Australia due to the product handling our temperature conditions and our price being very economical !

6. I can buy the same fridge online for cheaper. Will you match the price?

Firstly you are not buying the same. It may look the same, but it isnt. We have the highest ambient temperature rated fridges in Australia and the quietest. Refer to the points in Q3 where the internal components of fridges can differ greatly. We offer a full 12 months parts and labour warranty. Ask the online seller can he match us with the same features as we offer? Dont risk your beer being warm !!

7. What is a CONDENSOR FAN?

The condenser removes heat from inside the refrigerator and transfers it to the outside of the unit. The quicker it does this, the cooler your fridge works. To ensure your Beerkool fridge transfers the heat quicker, we put in large fans over the normal size fans you find in nearly all other brands. This is why Beerkool fridges are made for the Australian Climate.

Standard Fan 200m3/hr BEERKOOL FAN 640m3/hr          Size Comparison
 "Standard  "Beerkool  "Fan